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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

For a long time humans have relied on each other to make the world a better place, but often have failed to take fate into their own hands. With the evolving technology, passion, and creativity, there is a way to make taking action easy and effective..

Now, for the first time ever, we at the RTG Group have created a program where you cannot only engage millennials, improve your culture, gain customers, but also measure your social impact - yes, the program is that good. 

We call it the Social Impact Challenge, also know as S.I.C. to keep it short and sweet. 

S.I.C is based around the entire social impact revolution and hits on every single one of the UN’s 17 SDG's. 

Together, we created this to track, benchmark, and improve social corporate impact. 

But we also discover what your employees truly value and which SDG's are most important to them. To really stimulate the visuals, we give employees access to a dashboard that gamifies social impact and enables them to complete socially responsible activities while earning XP (experience points). Then, in the end, we connect your social outcomes to tangible gains to calculate your score. Then we compare that to other companies in a highly competitive environment. and to top it all off we give out rewards and prizes to individuals and businesses that perform the best. 

Really, it’s the hottest thing out there right now so let's get S.I.C and heal the world together, shall we? 

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